The finest collection of Hind Al Oud products featuring seven outstanding perfumes, three varieties of Dehn Al Oud, Oud mubhakhar and luxury dokhoon, Bespoke Edition is more than a luxury… it is an exclusive collection inspired by the wonders of Arabia and the beauty of the modern lifestyle.

Includes : 


  • 1pc. Barrad Parfum 50ml
  • 1pc. Waqt Parfum 50ml
  • 1pc. Barari Parfum 50ml
  • 1pc. Rose Parfum 50ml
  • 1pc. Musk Al Molok 50ml
  • 1pc. Musk Al Shioukh 50ml
  • 1pc. Al Oud 50ml
  • 1pc. Oud Al Hind 150g
  • 1pc. The Dokhoon 27 cookies
  • 1pc. Maroon Concentrated Oil 6ml
  • 1pc. Pink Oud Concentrated Oil 6ml
  • 1pc. Sheikh A Concentrated Oil 6ml